NEW X-Melt saves you money, reduces corrosive effects on your equipment, and saves labor hours in the field.

XMelt Ice Melter was designed for the high-performance needs of snow professionals. XMelt is coated with organic corrosion inhibitors (OCI) that greatly enhance the melting capability of chloride based ice melters. It works by lowering the freezing point of water, rather than heat through chemical exothermic reaction, preventing snow and ice from bonding to the surface of which it is applied.

Extra-strength blend with fast-acting melting power to -20°F!

  • Coated with organic, anti-icing agents that provide fast acting results
  • Lower Application Rates Saves Money
  • Requires Fewer Applications
  • Keeps snow and ice from bonding to pavement
  • Safer on most surfaces*
  • Less harmful to plants, pets, and livestock*
  • Less corrosive to steel and concrete*

* Compared to conventional ice melters,when used as directed

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