Quad Select


4-Way Premium Blend With Fast-Acting Melting Power to -15°F

Quad Select™ Premium Ice Melter provides fast and powerful results even in subzero temperatures to -15° F. Our proprietary granular formula uses the power of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium chlorides to melt ice even under extreme weather conditions and helps to prevent re-freezing.

Quad Select Premium Ice Melter contains a water-based, non-staining blue indicator dye to make the application process more efficient. Our indicator dye prevents over application which cuts down on waste and plant damage.

Quad Select Premium Ice Melter acts fast to melt away snow and ice on concrete, asphalt, brick and wood surfaces. Proven product to clear sidewalks, parking lots, walkways, decks and steps when the weather conditions are severe.

  • Proprietary formula provides superior results
  • Melts to -15° degrees Fahrenheit
  • Works on concrete, asphalt, brick and wood surfaces
  • Blue color dye for coverage control
  • Uniform particle size provides consistent and accurate application

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